To Whom Do We Minister?

In a nutshell, this ministry seeks to serve and attract "GOLD" -- 

Gospel focused: We seek to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ as found throughout the entire Bible. We also seek to have fellowship with those pursuing the same goal. 

Open to Bible teaching: Those coming to this website seeking to argue, nitpick, or otherwise "lock horns," will be sorely disappointed. But those eager to learn and be instructed from the Bible will find a wealth of helpful resources. 

Local to Maryland: This website is an extension of our home Bible church, based in Montgomery County, MD. If you live near the area and would like to connect with other likeminded believers, see the Contact page for further info. 

Discipleship-oriented: Our ultimate goal at Holding Fast is discipleship. While there is some evangelistic content directed towards unbelievers, the vast majority is intended for believers seeking to further their faith. 


Why Are There No Ads? 

Ads detract from the message of this website and can be a major distraction for the disciple of Christ.  Worldly ads are not supposed to popup in any portion of the site.  Not on the banner, not the side, nor in the videos, nor in the audio.  Believe me, it's hard to keep those things away!  If you hear or see an ad, please let me know and I'll work to remove the source. I also abhor posting sermons and Bible studies on YouTube, since the most vile thumbnails can appear as promoted videos to the right side.  God's people don't need these distractions.  We post here and on SermonAudio.


Can I Share The Material On This Site? 

Jesus said freely ye have received, freely give (Matthew 10:8).  Although this ministry does not sell any materials (except for pre-printed tracts, which can be freely downloaded), they are copyright protected. "Doesn't that work against your goal?", you astutely ask.  Not exactly.  What I have seen happen over time are the good works of faithful saints fall into the hands of compromising teachers, which they modify and claim this is what I teach.  I've seen it happen; thus, all distributable material is copyrighted with this phrase:  "Copyright (C) Vincent S. Kluth.  All Rights Reserved.  Unmodified copies may be freely distributed."

You may also find that some audios and videos cannot be downloaded. That is true for the same reasons above.


Why Can't I Access All The Material?

Simply put, I don't do Bible studies with unbelievers.  There is free content available, such as our Tracts, Q-n-A Videos, and some Bible studies.  For the most part, however, this is a moderated access site.  The goal is to make a disciple, ideally in-person.


Is This A 501c3 Organization?

No, this is not a 501c3 tax exempt ministry.  It is easy (and tempting) to do so, but I refuse.  Why?  501c3 organizations must comply with Federal reporting rules, and must also conform to societal norms and standards when speaking about hot issues such as homosexuality, abortion, and so on. You can't address the political arena without risking someone taking away your 501c3 status, and usually at a time when the organization is strapped for cash.  Since the word of God is not bound (2Timothy 2:9), I will not unnecessarily bind it either.

This platform is also not designed nor intended to enable worldwide attention on the teacher.  I'm just trying to do what I can in my neck of the woods.