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A collection of bible studies addressing God's sovereignty in salvation.

Five questions each on Total Depravity and Election. Live audience participates, so you may find that others have the same kind of reactions, questions, or concerns.

(Audio - 62 mins; plus Study - 4 pages; 2018)
A series of questions and answers related to Christ's work of atonement. The concept of an exchange helps explain Jesus' work on the cross.

(Audio - 63 mins; plus Study - 2 pages; 2018)
Everybody limits the atonement: some limit the scope, others the extent. Is Jesus' work a wide bridge reaching half-way over the canyon, or a narrow bridge spanning all the way across?

(Study - 5 pages; 2017)
Jesus' work on the cross is always spoken of as a complete success. This study covers at least nine results which He undeniably accomplished.

(Audio - 39 mins; plus Study - 2 pages; 2004)
We can gain some useful insights into a critical aspect of God's salvation, by looking at the construction of Noah's Ark.

Video -- 52 mins; plus Study - 2 pages; 2018
At the end of the day, we are very grateful to God that He is the One who draws His people to Himself. This study addresses several penetrating questions to drive that point home.

(Audio - 52 mins; plus Study - 2 pages; 2018)
A close examination of passages mentioning key items about God's will, everlasting life, no separation, adoption and sealing -- all directly tied to God's persevering in His saints.

(Audio -- 50 mins; plus Study - 2 pages; 2018)
A study excerpted and expanded from a chapter in Duane Edward Spencer's book TULIP. Is it possible for a child of God to "fall from grace" and perish in hell? Is "once saved, always saved" true?

(Study - 4 pages; 2014)
Romans chapter 8 is given to help all Christians -- true believers, born of the Spirit, and engaged in spiritual warfare -- endure to the end. These provisions and promises are given so we can get through whatever comes our way.

Audio - 49 mins; plus Study - 3 pages; Sept 2018
A handy quick reference listing passages supporting the 5 points of the Doctrines of Grace.

(Study - 9 pages; circa 2007)