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A collection of Bible studies on the canonization of the Bible; that is, how it came into being, and why the Textus Receptus is reliable beyond question - even beyond the universally-recognized provenance of secular historical documents.

Edward Hills KJV Defended

The late Edward F. Hills (1912-1981) comprehensive work, "The King James Version Defended: A Christian View of the New Testament Manuscripts", presents a compelling argument for the KJV and old tradition. What makes the KJV worth defending is that it is the only translation of the ecclesiastical text (i.e., the textus receptus) other than Young's Literal 2nd edition and Greens. A scholarly yet readable introduction by the late Dr. David P. Letis is worth your time. Hills was a well trained classicist and internationally recognized New Testament text critic who analyzed the problems of modern language translations and Westscott-Hort text criticism methodology. This book is a must-have for any pastor's study.

(PDF - 225 pgs; 4th edition)

This online version is the fourth edition, ISBN: 0-915923-00-9

"First Edition - 1956; Second Edition - 1973; Third Edition - 1979; Fourth Edition - 1984; Reprint - 1988; Reprint - 1993; Reprint - 1996; Reprint - 2000; Fifth Edition - 2006.  Copyright 1956, 1973 Edward F. Hills. Copyright 1984 Marjorie J. Hills. Copyright 2006 Anne Hills Brown.  In 2005, his daughter (I believe) Anne (Hills) Brown worked on expanded, addtional and revised content for a fifth edition with assistance from Stephen Mourning on scanning & imaging converting the original text book into digital format for printing/editing/revisions." (source:, used paperback copy)

The Aquila Report posts a useful short history of Edward Hill's confessional Presbyterian history, albeit a disinherited one.  It is worth reading if you hail from the OPC or CRC.

Table of Contents


Introduction: Textual criticism and Christian faith

I. God's three-fold revelation of Himself

II. A short history of unbelief

III. A short history of modernism

IV. A Chrstian view of the Biblical text

V. The facts of New Testament textual criticism

VI. Dean Burgon and the traditional New Testament text

VII. The traditional New Testament text

VIII. The textus receptus and the King James version

IX. Christ's holy war with Satan


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